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Service and Repairs

Schedule anything from lawnmower repairs to blade sharpening with Hills Hire today.


Hills Hire provides customers with the best tools and equipment repair services. Our repair team's expertise means we offer fast, efficient, and cost-effective tool repairs for all types of equipment.


Our expertise extends to everything from lawnmower repair to electrical tool repair. Our team's experience means we can often diagnose issues quickly, expediting the repair time.


Our cost-effective maintenance services ensure the efficient running of your essential tools and equipment. Maintenance not only helps to extend the service-life of equipment but also helps you avoid costly repairs and unscheduled downtime on construction, garden or DIY projects.

Whether you need power tool repairs or tool blade sharpening, schedule it with Hills Hire today.


Lawnmower Repair

Is your lawnmower broken? Don't waste time searching "lawn mower repair near me" or "fix lawn mower near me" - Hills Hire's Dublin repair shop has you covered. Our expert technicians specialise in lawnmower repair, including electric lawn mower repair so that you can get your mower back in tip-top shape quickly and conveniently. Our team can diagnose and fix all issues, ensuring your lawn stays lush and green. Skip the frustration and bring your lawnmower to Hills Hire for a fast, reliable repair at a competitive price. We're Dublin's one-stop shop for all your lawnmower repair needs.

Electrical Tool Repair

Hills Hire's Dublin Tools and Equipment Hire shop provides a team of experts dedicated to electrical tool repair. We handle various power tool repairs including drills, saws, sanders and routers. Whether it's a faulty switch, a worn-out brush, or something more complicated, our technicians have the skills and know-how to diagnose and fix the problem. Skip the downtime and frustration – bring your malfunctioning tools to Hills Hire for power tool repairs you can trust at competitive prices.


Blade Sharpening

Whether tackling overgrown hedges with your trimmer or powering through tough lumber with your chainsaw, our Dublin Tools and Equipment Hire shop can revitalise your blades, making every project a breeze. From tool blade sharpening for axes, shears, and pruners to specialised services like chainsaw blade sharpening and circular saw blade sharpening, our technicians have the skills and equipment to restore your blades. Don't settle for subpar results – bring your dull blades to Hills Hire for a professional saw blade sharpening service 

Schedule a blade sharpening service today.

  • I've purchased equipment online. How do I receive it?
    Any purchase made through our website operates under a click-and-collect model. So please pick up your purchase in-store.
  • How do I hire equipment from Hills Hire?
    Please find the equipment we have available online. Then, either call us directly or fill out the simple form on the hire page, and we'll contact you soon. Can't find what you're looking for online? Please call our store and we can help.
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