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A 53 cm wide, specialist pro engine mower with self drive and Rotostop. Hydrostatic self propelled petrol mower.  The Roto stop system allows you to stop the blades quickly and easily without having to turn off the engine, faciliating emptying the bag or clearing rubbish etc.  Switching between mulching or collecting is very simple with versamow use of a single lever.  The touch cast aluminium decks are lightweight and extremely durable, which does not dent,rust or corrode.    7 different height positons are easily achieved by adjustment on the handle.  The handle has an height adjustment which can quickly be folded down for storage.   The engine is easy to start with Auto choke and enhanced combustions.  The blades are designed to twist, should you hit something, preventing further damage to the engine and deck.

Honda HRH536 HXE Lawnmower

SKU: 1516
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